Carestream CS1200 Intra-Oral Camera

Brand: Carestream

Code: 6559991

Few Intra-Oral cameras offer the simplicity and flexibility of the new Carestream CS1200. Designed for direct USB connection to any suitable PC, enabling full use of the included Dental Imaging Software, for long-term image storage and manipulation, the handpiece can be easily and quickly shared between users. It can also be directly connected to a Video Monitor or TV, through a choice of additional interchangeable cables, available as an accessory:

- Composite AV connection, for direct input to a suitable monitor. (Ref: 6562243)

- S-Video connection, for superior image transfer to a suitable grabber device or monitor. (Ref: 6562250)

Where the camera is not connected to a PC, its own internal memory allows for up to 300 images to be stored and reviewed on the monitor in use, directly out of the camera. There is no need for a separate USB storage device or docking station.

Fixed focus with a wide depth-of-field, allows imaging from a single tooth to full-arch, whilst illumination is provided by an array of six white-light LEDs for even subject lighting.

Comes complete with:

  • CS1200 Camera Handpiece
  • Direct USB Connection Cable
  • Latest Version DIS Imaging Software
  • Trial pack of 10 Hygienic Sheaths

For more details, please see the PDF brochure:

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Associated Products: