Endorsements and Credentials

We believe that our Company is up there with the best... but then we would say that! So here are some supporting credentials, acknowledging our efforts over the years to build a strong, well-managed business committed to quality, value and regulatory compliance.
Carestream Certified Service Partner
Acknowledging our product focus and excellence in customer service, we are recognised by Carestream Dental as a Certified Service Partner to their entire imaging portfolio. For us this means closer ties to their product development and support teams, whilst for our customers it guarantees in-depth product knowledge and unparalleled ability in our team.
At the heart of its purpose, NHS Supply Chain has a remit to deliver verifiable savings to the healthcare services through preferencial pricing and purchasing cost reductions. It delivers these aims by working with suppliers and products that have been thoroughly vetted through a comprehensive tendering process... read more
ISO 9001:2015
We are proud to hold a certificate recognising the management quality of our business. This is regularly audited by external evaulation to an international standard against which we were recently re-acreditted by NQA to the current 2015 edition. 
Cyber Essentials
In pursuit of the highest standards of data management and cyber security, we are delighted that our IT infrastructure, work methods and protocols have been recognised as compliant with the Cyber Essentials standard. Through this and our full compliance with GDPR, our customers and contacts can be assured that their data and that of their own customers and patients, is responsibly managed when in our care.