Big Enough to Count - Small Enough to Care

After 20 years growing an important role for HULBERT Imaging in the UK dental and medical imaging sector, we are delighted to announce our acquisition by Medray UK - a genuine complement to our business! Ours has been an exciting journey to this point and I am immensely proud of the team we have grown and the respect they have helped us gain along the way. In becoming part of the Medray Group, we join an energetic company with strong investment and a clear vision that will drive our next phase.

Looking ahead, we plan expansion to our portfolio and extension of our service offer, but we start with an immediate uplift in capacity to supply and support our extensive customer base, across the UK. So if you already work with us as a customer or supplier, thank you! If not, and you would like to become part of our continuing journey, please get in touch - we would love to hear from you!

Historically, I started my industry career in the early 1990's, delivering fully equipped dental environments from design to installation, a process which gave me an invaluable understanding of the way clinicians need to work in a busy dental practice. Time and technology have moved on a long way since then so, formerly as HULBERT Dental ICT, we are now able to dedicate our time to a broad spectrum of diagnostic imaging whilst continually drawing on a wealth of experience to help us give sound advice and deploy the right solutions, every time.

We currently manage integrated imaging assets on full service contracts in more than 160 sites and regularly enjoy contract renewals and recommendations from happy users, across the UK. So as well as return on investment and the importance of imaging in the patient pathway, we are always mindful of how disruptive and costly it can be if diagnostic system fail to deliver.

When recently asked for one line to describe what we do, I proposed 'Keepers of uptime'. Put simply, we know that the right products, well supported and with well-trained users, are instrumental to this KPI in any imaging service. For us, performance is everything, so whilst we won't always be the cheapest, we will always endeavour to be the best!

        Tony Hulbert | Director