Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get the best Price?

Q: What are my Installation Options?

Q: What are my Delivery Options?

Q: Can you deliver outside the UK?


Q: How do I get the best Price?

A(1): Create an Account

To help you compare products accurately, our website will generally show the manufacturers RRP, with occasional Special Purchases when they are available. However, we are always keen to pass on cost savings and efficiency gains or reduced installation and training costs where we can. For this, there are three things that help us to help you:

  • Repeat Business - If we've worked together before, the chances are that we will work well together in the future, so we promise an automatic discount to returning customers who have bought from us in the past.

  • Locality - The closer you are, the less it will cost us to supply, install, maintain or simply keep in touch with you and the products you buy from us, so we do our best to pass on these savings in the price you pay for the goods.

  • Maintenance - We know that conscientious owners who ask us to regularly maintain and service the goods we supply, enjoy less downtime or need for costly 'emergency' support. We aim to pass on these efficiency gains in the initial purchase price, wherever we can agree a Support Contract to look after your investment pro-actively.

So how does this work for you? Simple - just register with us and we will get back to you once we have set up your personal login. Our site will then automatically show any reduced price that we can offer when you buy from us on-line. And the discounts add up, so the more boxes we can tick for you, the better the price you pay!

And if you can't see an on-line price, this probably means we need more information before we can give you a personalised quote. Contact Us today - we will always offer you the best price and service that we can.

A(2): Discount Vouchers

Look out for discount vouchers in the press or our marketing material. These will have a variety of values including:

  • Free Goods and Services

  • Percentage Discounts

  • Money-off the total

Simply enter the Voucher Code when you Check-Out, to redeem the value against your purchase.

A(3): Ask for a quote

Use our Contact Options to discuss your plans or let us know what you need and we will put together a personalised quote with the best price and service we can offer.


Q: What are my Installation Options?

A: Many products are designed to be installed by the user. For some, you may need help or guidance from us, whilst others may require installation by a authorised engineer to ensure correct function or to comply with regulations or warranty stipulations.

To meet these different needs, we offer three levels of installation support:

User Installation - Where designed for user installation, goods are supplied with comprehensive guidance notes to help you sucessfully install your new products. Some of this information is available on our website for you to read through before you make you choice. If you need more information or re-assurance, please use our Contact Options to get in touch and discuss how we can help.

Assisted Installation - For more complex products or to help those who are less confident with computers or similar devices, we can arrange a time to help you remotely, either over the phone or by remote connection to your PC. You can buy Assisted Installation 'tickets' by the hour - we will give you a guide to the amount of time you should purchase and, except in extreme cases, we are generally happy to see the job through, even if it takes longer than this estimate.

Engineer Installation - For products that need qualified engineer installation, we will generally need to talk this through with you before we can confirm a price for the work. We may also need to meet with you to fully understand your requirements and agree a plan for the process. Please use our Contact Options to get in touch and discuss how we can help.

Q: What are my Delivery Options?

A: We keep most consumable items in stock so when ordered through our website, we can generally get these to you within a couple of days from receipt of your payment or purchase order.

For non-stock items we are bound by the delivery protocols of our suppliers and we will advise you of the proposed delivery timing, if it is likely to exceed 5 working days from the time we process your order. Deliveries are completed with a variety of carriers, most of whom offer tracking facilities which we will share with you where possible, on request. You or a representative may need to sign for the goods on arrival.

Q: Can you deliver outside the UK?

A: We regret that our supplier trading terms prevent us from delivering goods outside the UK or Ireland.