Remote Assistance Ticket (1 Hour)


Brand: HDICT


For more complex products or to help those who are less confident with computers or similar devices, you can order some time for us to help you remotely, either over the phone or by Teamviewer connection to you PC.

The amount of time needed may vary but we will give you a guide to the amount of time you should allow - you can order time by the hour, or part thereof. Other than in extreme cases, we are generally happy to see the job through, even if it takes longer than the estimate. If we take less time than expected, you can keep any spare tickets for future remote support assistance.

You will need a telephone near to the device or PC and your PC will need an active broadband connection for you to download our dial-in connection manager. Click here to jump to our Remote Support download point.

This product includes the remote availability of an engineer for 1 hour.