Denbite Digital Intra-Oral Sensor Holder - Size 2 PA (x10)


Brand: 360v

Code: DBU2022

The simple, one-piece design of Denbite digital sensor holders, make them cost-effective, robust and easy to use. Their lightweight structure and ultra-thin profile increases comfort and improves patient acceptance, especially in more awkward locations.

A Starter Kit is available, containing a mix of the different types and additional Positioning Ring packs are sold separately, as an option for use with any holder, as illustrated.

This pack contains 10x PA Size 2 Holders (5x UL/LR; 5x UR/LL)


Denbite holders are compatible with Digital Imaging Sensors from:

  • Carestream (Formally Kodak): RVG, 5000 Series and 6000 Series
  • Durr: VistaRay
  • Gendex
  • Schick