Carestream CS8100 3D CBCT OPG

Brand: Carestream

Code: 5500319

Enjoying all the benefits of the Carestream CS8100 Digital OPG, the Carestream CS8100 3D adds Focussed and Medium Volume CBCT imaging capabilities to the award-winning OPG design.

In this "Access" version, the system can deliver an inexpensive solution for 5x5cm (4x4cm in paediatric mode) 3D volumes, with an upgrade pathway to add 5x8cm and 9x8 volumes in the Full-Feature version, combining to cater for the majority of dental surgery referrals.

There is even a try-before-you-buy period if you are unsure about which version to choose!

The very latest in tomo-synthesis maximises OPG image quality in the anterior region whiilst ultra-low 3D dose parameters significantly expanded justifications for use of the CBCT. An intuitive user interface plus face-to-face patient set-up, improves workflow and comfort for both the user and the patient alike.

Above all, the CS8100 combines capability with simplicity and is a pleasure to use, every time. Click to download the brochure for more detail.