Carestream 3D CBCT Viewing and Planning Software v3.10

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Brand: Carestream

Code: 3dv3-10-33

The latest version of the Carestream's 3D Viewing and Planning software is now available. As before, it is suitable for use with any DICOM Standard CBCT image and is particularly suited to Medical Image diagnosis with highly complex ENT and TMJ Imaging tools... and it's still free!

Click Here to download the software package.

This latest evolution is the most comprehensive 3D viewing suite yet. Amongst other other enhancements, v3 adds split image volumes for simultaneous 3D presentation of, for example, a bi-lateral ENT image or both TMJs, as well as MAR overlay where this is available in in the image volume.

Print presentation has been simplified and enhanced with user definable templates and multi-slice views, whilst the 3D rotational presentation has been made even better for patient communication and Implant Planning. And for work with referrals, image volumes can now be easily exported to a USB stick as well as CD.

A growing Implant Library now incorporates detailed implant models from most of the leading manufacturers, whilst fully customisable abutments and working space indication, make Implant Planning even easier than before.

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MINIMUM PC System specs apply - please Contact Us before installing the software, if you are in any doubt.