Carestream 2100 Intra-oral Xray Generator

Brand: Carestream

Code: K/ CS 2100 - 5321898

(Formerly Kodak) The Carestream (Formally kodak) 2100 Intra-oral x-ray generator employs a VHF 'DC' generator to a deliver lower dose equivalence than the now out-moded AC heads, used on earlier systems. This allows the unit to deliver 60kV whilst still complying with APARP requirements and is ideal for Digital Imaging sensors. The head is designed with a parallel 'cone' to work well with film or detector alignment devices and is specifically designed for use with Kodak's new Inteligent Positioning System, combined with the CS6500 sensors.

The primary arm comes in three optional lengths to adjust the total reach. Order codes are as follows:

170cm Reach: 5153671

188cm Reach: 5153663 (Standard)

205cm Reach: 5153655