Carestream Sector Specialist with NHS Supply Chain
At the heart of its purpose, NHS Supply Chain has a remit to deliver verifiable savings to the healthcare services through preferencial pricing and purchasing cost reductions. It delivers these aims by working with suppliers and products that have been thoroughly vetted through a comprehensive tendering process under European Journal protocols.
The resulting benefits of buying through NHS Supply Chain, include:
- Monitored quality of service
- Guaranteed reductions on typical pricing
- Reduced purchasing costs
- Pre-approval under OJEU tender process
- Consortium purchasing opportunities
In short, customers can be sure they are buying fully compliant products, at consistently lower prices, working with appropriately experienced suppliers and so reducing their own costs in the purchasing process.
Having grown an important presence in the medical sector as a specialist supplier of Head & Neck Imaging solutions, we are recognised by Carestream Dental as Sector Specialist for their entire portfolio. Through this focus on supply to Acute Trusts, Private Hospitals and PCTs, our award to both Capital and Maintenance Frameworks since their inception, is a signifcant endorsement of our commitment to product and service excellence.