Pre-Owned Second Hand Digital Dental Imaging Equipment

Through the course of our work we are regularly upgrading or replacing good quality Second Hand digital imaging equipment, with plenty of useful life left in it. In many cases we were the original installer or have maintained the equipment through its early years, so we have a full understanding of its history and care in use.

Rather than buying and re-selling these items, which would push the price up through VAT and accounting implications, we provide a Brokerage service to help in the search for a new owner, then offer a fully costed proposal for relocation and installation if required.

Although we often show a guide price on our listing as an indication of the seller's expectations, we leave this to negotiation between the seller and buyer, taking no 'cut' from the process, ensuring everyone is happy with the eventual deal.

If you have good quality digital Imaging equipment which you are planning to upgrade in the near future, or are looking for a low-cost solution which might be met by a second hand item listed below, click here for our Contact Details and get in touch today.

Whether buying or selling, we will give you an honest assessment and do our best to find you a solution.

 All arrangements to purchase are made direct between buyer and seller on a 'sold-as-seen' basis and no warranty as to the condition or logevity of any item, is made or implied by HULBERT Imaging.