Carestream CS9600 CBCT OPG

Brand: Carestream

Code: 5501192

The CS 9600 is the most intelligent and versatile extraoral imaging system that Carestream Dental has designed to date. Combining 2D panoramic technology and CBCT imaging with 3D facial scanning and modeling, this powerful, flexible system meets all the diagnostic imaging needs of your dental, maxillofacial and ENT specialty customers. The system features intelligent innovations and automated workflow technologies that ensure reliable patient positioning and reproducible image quality, independent of operator skills. And, thanks to upgradable fields of view, versatile imaging options and added-value software, the system can grow with practice needs.

-  An intuitive automated workflow—combining SmartPad, Live Positioning Assistant and SmartAuto technology, simplifies every procedure from setup to image quality control, virtually eliminating the need for retakes.

-  Live Positioning Assistant simplifies patient positioning by using cameras, which display live patient views in front of the user on a SmartPad, eliminating the need for laser beams.

-  SmartAuto Pan and SmartAuto 3D analyze patient morphology to automatically calculate the right exposure settings and trajectory or to precisely define the field-of-view position.

-  Exclusive MAR Technology automatically reduces metal artifacts for better image quality, enabling users to compare images live, with and without filters, for more confident diagnoses.

-  Up to 14 selectable fields of view cover every diagnostic need, from routine to specialized.

-  Three upgradable units: 12x10 Edition, 16x10 Edition, 16x17 Edition enable practices to easily upgrade to a larger field of view without replacing the unit itself.

-  2D panoramic imaging generates superb panoramic and sinus images in a matter of seconds.

-  3D model scanning delivers high-precision digital 3D models by simply scanning patient impressions, a radiographic guide or plaster models.

-  Low-dose mode allows practitioners to follow the “as low as reasonable practical” (ALARP) principle for both 2D and 3D imaging.

-  CS Face Scan option provides realistic 3D facial images and automatically superimposes surface scans on CBCT images and 3D models, helping patients better understand treatment plans.

-  Interactive Positioning Accessories automatically alert the operator when the wrong accessory is used and quickly recommend the appropriate one, reducing risk of retakes.

-  Patient history records provide access to the scanning parameters of a returning patient with the touch of a button, streamlining workflow and speeding follow-ups.

-  Integrated retractable seat allows users to provide a comfortable scanning process for patients when more stability is required.

-  Jewelry tray reduces image retakes and improves patient satisfaction with a dedicated tray that decreases instances of lost or forgotten items such as glasses, jewelry and phones.

-  CS UpStream continuously screens the CS 9600 system and makes it easy to detect and resolve system errors, preventing downtime and maximizing system availability.