Carestream CS8100 2D+ Digital OPG

Brand: Carestream

Code: 5311329

Employing the latest advances in Digital Imaging, the Carestream CS8100 Digital OPG helps you deliver the best possible patient image, every time.

In the footsteps of the ground-breaking TrophyPan/K8000, which remains one of the most installed Digital OPG units worldwide, Carestream have been driven to create another milestone in this field. Every component on the CS8100 is new, but capitalises on past experience and the latest manufacturing techniques, resulting in the lightest, smallest, most intuitive OPG in the marketplace today.

Face-to-face patient set-up has been retained as a key benefit to the radiographer and the horizontal grid-overlay has done away with the need for cumbersome alignment lasers, presenting an intuitive and comfortable positioning experience for all.

The very latest in tomo-synthesis maximises image quality in the anterior region by selecting the best path from a variety of depths, sampling many more slices than with traditional technology. As an additional benefit, this method brings the unique 2D+ function, delivering multiple bucco-lingual views in a pseudo-3D slice presentation. Advanced diagnosis confirmation is now possible where never before with this type of imaging device.

But above all, the CS8100 combines capability with simplicity and is a pleasure to use, every time.

Enjoy the product video for more detail.