Carestream CS7600 Scan and Go

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Brand: Carestream

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Historically, a limitation of dental CR scanners in a busy, multi-room practice, has been the queue for the scanner. This results from the scanner needing to be 'locked' by the surgery about to process the image, to ensure that the next plate scanned delivers its image to the correct patient.

Until now, that is...

With the optional 'Scan and Go' addition, Carestream have applied RFI technology to their unique Smart Plates to enable the 'tagging' of a plate with patient specific image details. These details are then identified by the scanner, allowing it to automatically assigning the image to the correct patient, as it reads the plate.

Installed in each surgery, connected to the local PC, the Scan-and-Go device sits unobtrusively on the desktop and works like this:

  1. The user passes the exposed image plate in close proximity to the Scan-and-Go
  2. The Scan-and-Go uploads image details to the plate as it passes
  3. The user moves to the CS7600 and inserts the plate into the reading slot
  4. The CS7600 automatically reads and displays the embedded image details
  5. The CS7600 scans the plate and assignes the image to the correct patient
  6. The plate is erased and ejected, ready for next use

The result is a smooth, efficient workflow with no waiting for the scanner to become free and no chance of assigning an image to the wrong patient, no matter who gets there first.

Please note that this product is for the Scan and Go hardware only, and the Image Plates shown in the picture are sold separately.

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