Carestream CS9000 CBCT QAT (Quality Assurance Testing) Phantom


Brand: Carestream

Code: 5210067

A SedentexCT compliant Quality Assurance Test Object for use with the Carestream 9000 family of CBCT 3D systems, supplied with associated software for regular Image Consistancy checks.

This one kit allows for comprehensive testing in satisfaction of the defined image evaluation checks as detailed in:

HPA-CRCE-010 – ‘Guidance on the Safe Use of Dental CBCT Equipment’

As a full-service provider, we will be offering an enhancement to our comprehensive support agreements, to include this regular quality assessment. However, using this tool and with appropriate training, a competant team should be able to complete these required checks as part of their internal quality audit. If you would like on-site QA Test training, including software deployment and demonstration, please Contact Us today for more details of cost and avilability.