Carestream 6100 IntraOral Sensor Twin-pack (Size 1+2)

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Brand: Carestream

Code: 5154828 + 5154810

Over 25 years ago, Trophy Radiologie pioneered Direct Radiography digital dental x-ray sensors. Now under the Carestream (Formally Kodak) banner, they are in the 6th evolution of the product, the 6100 version delivers resolution in excess of 20 line-pairs - that's better than the detail displayed by traditional E-speed film!

This Twin-pack of (Formerly Kodak) 6100 sensors provides a Size 1 and Size 2 combination at a substancially discounted price, offering great value for money and a great image!

For more details, take a look at the PDF Brochure.

Allow two hours if you require remote Installation Assistance.

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Associated Products: